How does a Quick Sale Work?

3 Steps to Sell Your Home 

Step 1:

We Buy Houses Edmonton - Sell Your House Quickly with

Competitive Value Analysis

We’ll find the optimal market value for your home & make sure we’re getting the price you need. It is a completely free evaluation that will take care of and respect the confidentiality of your unique situation.

Step 2:

We Buy Houses Edmonton - Sell Your House Quickly with

Investment Professional Presentation

Looking for someone to “buy my house fast” or “sell my Edmonton house” ? We buy houses Edmonton, we’ll present your home to the right investors in our network of professionals to get you the price you want.

Step 3:

Stop Foreclosure with We Buy Houses Edmonton - Sell Your House Quickly with

Paperwork, Closing, and Cash!

Our network of real estate professionals will guide you through any legal processes, so that you receive payment fast! All while we provide guidance & education so you're making the right decisions.

Quick Sale Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A Quick Sale is a streamlined process of pairing home sellers & home buyers together in an ethical and timely manner. As a seller, you are treated with respect through the entire process & educated on the options available to you.

How Does This Process Work? What Can I Expect From Working With QuickSale YEG?

When you start the Quick Sale Evaluation process, one of our Real Estate Professionals will evaluate your property, your needs, and your situation. From there we will present  the market value of your home, the price an investor / cash buyer is willing to pay & how much you can expect to receive from the sale.

Does Quick Sale YEG Buy Houses?

Yes! We buy houses. We have a team of Real Estate Professionals & Investors who are constantly evaluating opportunities & investing in Real Estate in the Edmonton & surrounding area. Although we are not able to buy every house that we are presented with we are first & foremost interested in purchasing houses for ourselves. If we are not the right fit for the house that you’re selling we have a large network of cash-buyers & investors who have different requirements than our team.


What Types of Houses are Right for a Quick Sale?

The primary aim for cash buyers & investors is to flip or rent out the home. This means that typically a property that is priced under market-value that needs work is ideal. This includes older bungalows, fixer-uppers, rental properties, large lots & infill opportunities. 

With all of that in mind, we work with many investors with different strategies & goals so the best way to see if your house is a right fit is starting the Quick Sale Evaluation process.


What Does the Home Evaluation Process Look Like?

We start with your address. One of our Real Estate Professionals will learn about your property(style, size, condition, area, etc). From there we will review comparable properties in the area, sales value, & property opportunities(repair & renovations required, rental opportunities, infill opportunities etc).

Once we have the numbers worked out, we will present these options to you. Keeping you educated through the process. 

Factoring in your situation is crucial for any Quick Sale. We need to know your goals & timeline. If you need to sell immediately because the bank is foreclosing that is a very different scenario than settling an estate. Communicate with us & we will treat you fairly and ethically.

Once we go over potential options together it is your choice which option to move forward with. There’s no pressure at all and the choices are all up to you, we just give you available solutions. YOU MAKE THE CALL!

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